This blog is far to be perfect, but it was made by me for you…It was made with passion and thinking about all the stay at home moms, single moms, stay at home dads and all of you who got fired and were been told “no” to new opportunities. This will not be a blog only, but also a great community, an internet entrepreneurs community or even better a wiredpreneurs community where everyone can share tips, tricks, tactics, tools (4 Ts) and hacks to earn a living with your blog being our biggest goal GET a RICH LIFE IN AUTOPILOT (not only money but also, ENJOYING THE LIFE) …

…inspired by Pat Flynn, the king of the “Passive Income” and

…influenced by the YouEconomy (Success.com), but 100% online (no hybrid-systems here, at least for now)

…working 4 hours a week (Tim Ferriss) at least not at the beginning

…also inspired by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Neil Patel, Russell Brunson

and by many other “ET” ultra-successful bloggers.

PD: ET is extraterrestrial, but the truth is that they are common, normal people like you and me.